Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday, august 11,2010...i think

life on the road

i would like to start this blog by wishing son #3 a happy hebrew baby is 10 today. most mom's like to reflect on the joy of bringing a new baby into the world, what a wonderful experience it was...adding to the family, adding to the population...i like to reflect on the fact that i am like 50 pounds less today than i was 10 years ago...and that i love son #3 to death...he cracks me up and never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of his mouth. enough about that.

one of the joys of driving 46 + hours through this great country of ours is looking at the beautiful landscape, the farms, the homes, the horses and cows, the rivers we drive over, the sunsets...but most of all...the are the top 10 signs of this road trip so far..and i am not making them up....

10. Strippers-10 miles ahead
9. pecans, pecans logs, boiled pecans and fire works
8. peaches, boiled p-nuts, and strippers
7. new homes for sale...hook em up and take em out
6. used homes for sale (oh my....)
5. fireworks and fire arms
4. hot hot hot girls gentlemans club next exit
3. save a cow, eat a chicken
2. walmart-next exit (and one every exit for 1500 miles...just in case you forgot your bag of feed at the last one...)
1. new york-500 miles (that is the one i am hoping to see tomorrow.....)

my boys are having a blast, i am starting to look my age(or maybe i have always looked this tired and was just in denial) and its time to get back to reality...3 weeks until school and 4 weeks until...oh guessed it...the jewish new year....

happy wednesday

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