Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wednesday august 18, 2010

if they were girls.....

someone asked me the other day what road trips i would take if my three sons were my three daughters....and after driving through this great country of ours to follow america's favorite past-time(which would be baseball, not my favorite past time, which would be eating) i would have to say, the ganchrows would be going on outlet mall tours of the united states of america.

we have past many an outlet mall....and this is usually what happens...

me: Oh my gosh..look at all those great stores!! can we.....

and ari drives right past.

me: look at those name brands at discount prices...they have a chicos outlet can we.....

and ari drives right past it.

me: i have never seen that store before in an outlet maybe i can get some.....

and ari drives right past it.

He drives past it, because he can. Because the boys have the majority vote and no one, and i mean NO ONE, in our minivan is stopping so mom can waste precious baseball time looking at clothes, yuck, what are you-crazy?!! we dont care if mommy over does it on the frozen margaritas while sitting in a rainstorm singing rick sprinfield melodies, but there is no way we are stoppin' for shoppin'

welcome to my world....but let us flashback to the late 70's early 80's when the Latkin family road trips had the girl poor dad would have to sit in his car, with my brother(you would think that would be punishment enough...kidding, love my brother) while my mom and my sister (and me, poor chubby banji got shlepped along even though the only thing she was interested in while shopping was the great tasting fudge...certainly not the clothes...)would run around these various shopping centers until they closed and locked all of the doors and we couldn't find a way out. Now, keep in mind, this was before the cell phone-so my father would have no idea where we were or which door we were going to come out of while being escorted by the nice mall security was a sight. and it happened to many times to mention.

But none of that for the ganchrows....the only shopping i did on this trip was in myrtle beach when the boys were taken in by the sports shoppe and i got to sneak out to the cute jewelry store across the way...(because jewelry and pocketbooks always fit and truthfully, i didn't really need the tie-dyed "I love myrtle beach" t shirt-no matter how stylish....)

yup...that is my world...but i love it.

happy wednesday

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