Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday august 21,2010

blah blah blah

from this blog you have probably learned that aside from being cranky and crazy, i have little patience for people, babies, cute animals that you see in the middle of the road that you just want to run over, stupidity and really skinny people....that being said, i am also a people pleaser (ha ha ha) and this blog is for all the people who have made requests-yet, dont actually read the blog. go figure. how could you not read these literary masterpieces?(only 2 people made requests so dont worry about the length of this one...)

happy birthday to the girl/woman who was 41 on friday but, looks 21.(and those were her exact words...)

one day i am going to have a guest blogger-he doesn't know the topic, or when he is going to write it, but i invited him to be a guest.....he also told me that he is going to do the chai lifeline half marathon, like son #1 and I are, though he is a great guy, with lofty aspirations-i am not holding my breath on either of those points....(and to his wife who reads this, please dont stop speaking to me...i wrote those words with love :) )

speaking of people who have stopped speaking to me-the list is long and illustrious (dont think that word really fits here, but it is late and i am tired....) i was talking to someone today about how i could never live in a small community because once i alienated everyone, i wouldn't have anyone else to talk to. when you live in a bigger community, you can go from group to group, pissing people off and you still have so many more people that you can aggravate!! see, i can see the silver lining in any situation....

gotta finish to spend quality time with my sister and her kids, with son #2 and son #3....husband #1 will be home alone so that could end really badly....

will blog from the road....

happy saturday

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