Monday, August 23, 2010

monday august 23, 2010

greetings from the heartland....

if you are what you eat and the clothes make the man....then what does it say about you if you have boats on your lawn or a flatbed trunk parked outside your front door? (and NOT on the driveway...i am taking right in front of your front door-like when the police go in through the back, you can just open the front door and jump in and drive away....oh, maybe that is why it is parked like that....) welcome to where i am now..columbia maryland. Yet, just down the road is this awesome mall with a nordstroms and everything-go figure.

i have been realizing lately that some of my blogs have had nothing to do with the fact that i am turning 40 in just 2+ i would like to make this one about that. Everytime i am at my sisters house and use her guest bathroom with the awesome "gray hair" lighting mirror-there are more gray hairs. Depressing. especially because my sister, who is 6 years older than i am, is blonde and has no gray. How is that possible? Last night, we went to see the new jennifer aniston movie.....the movie is really really bad. dont pay to see it...but while i was sitting there with my sister, i kept making comments like "wow, she is wearing a lot of makeup" and "look how old her hands look" and "that jason bateman is so cute i wonder if i can get a new poster of him to hang next to the old poster i must have of him somewhere in my parents house...." cuting apart the women and only finding the good in the men. Jason looks old too...he is my age...if he looks old, do i look old? i dont think he will be making another terrible remake of teen wolf anytime in the near future.

and then, my sister pulled out her lesportsac with a big 1985 on it...."hey," I said "I think that's mine!!" she denies it, but i am pretty sure my mom got that for me one year before we went to the concord. She said that she has had to sew it up a couple of times but refuses to get rid of it. Plastic surgery on a lesportsac...that cant be a good sign....

happy monday

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