Thursday, August 5, 2010

thursday august 5 2010

keeps getting better...

for those of you who read yesterday's "surprise" is the end of the story...while princess banji exercised, showered for 20 minutes, relaxed and watched sitcoms and was asleep by 11.....the men's game went into extra innings, didn't end until 11:40, took them 25 minutes to find the car and then sat in traffic until 2 in the for all of you aethiests out there...there really is a god.

princess banji quickly turned back into cinderella at the rays game today....which,thankfully, was played in a domed stadium..but, alas, her luck has run out as we will soon be leaving for a minor league game (yankees vs mets) which is NOT in a domed stadium and the temperature is now a comfortable 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity...the hair is not looking too good. but to compensate for the hair, richard simmoms called ari this morning and told him that he wanted his shorts back....i can't even believe he thought he could pull those off without wearing lederhosen and clogs...oh my...

another things i noticed about florida..every driver has a handicapped sticker...and it is hotter after it rains cats, dogs and these funky looking bugs that are all over our windshield (locusts??/)

anyway....that is all for now....hope someone is reading this....

happy thursday

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  1. Banji, usually the bugs are "no-see-ums" the kind that get stuck in your teeth if you're on a motorcycle!
    As for the drivers...most of them can't even see over the steering wheel!!
    Keep finding "Princess Banji Moments." Just 5 minutes peace can let you put up with a lot of &#^$%