Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wednesday august 4, 2010

will anyone read this?

i had said that i wouldn't be blogging until friday, but, a miracle occured. while driving 7 hours to tampa, the boys asked ari if we would make it in time for the rays game tonight. he said yes....and i said "this was not on my itinerary, may i please have the night off?" and, thank god, he agreed. so here i am, in the lobby of the fairfield inn and suites in tampa florida with 4 hours all to myself. I feel as if i have won the lottery.

you see, last night, while i was sitting in turner field, in atlanta, at 4:45 when the game doesn't start until 7, and it was 350 degrees outside and i was actually baking the kids cookies without using an oven, i was wondering what i was doing there. At 7:45 pm, when i had been at turner field for 5 hours, since we had taken a 3 pm tour, and it started raining and no one wanted to seek shelter and we sat in the rain for 30 minutes wearing our fashionable ponchos, i wondered, what was i doing there? after it stopped raining, we had to call ems because my poncho had formed a suction-like barrier and i was afraid that upon removing it, i would should straight up out of my seat like a bottle rocket.....i was wondering what i was doing there...

but then the boys all signed contracts that they wouldn't put me in a nursing home....and then i knew what i was doing there.....

going to enjoy some non-baseball related peace and quiet....ahhhhhh

happy wednesday.....

son #1 just called to tell me there is a partial power outage in the stadium and the game is going to be delayed...instead of responding "are you guys ok?" my first response was "oh no, are you coming back to the hotel???" fortunately, he said no...but, does that make me a bad mom?!?!?!?!?!?!

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