Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, January 27,2010

12 years ago today, I weighed 250 is that for a visual?

Things you never want to see.....

Just came back from the Great Wolf Lodge. That is another idea I wish I would have thought indoor waterpark. We have been going since it opened and it is still clean, the rooms are still in great shape and the place is really holding up well, it is actually holding up better than some of its guests!!

Ahh..the bathing suit parade. Since it is "yeshiva week" we got to see the latest in waterproof shabbos robe fashion. They come in all colors, all sizes and apparently, they throw in a matching snood! (also waterproof!) Now I totally approve of these waterproof robes, because most of the women wearing them, should not be walking around in a bathing suit to begin with. Now before any of you comment on the pot-calling-the-kettle-black, I did not even bring a bathing suit. I did not want to scare anyone, and I didn't want any hunters coming after me with a harpoon. I know my place and it is not in any form of bathing apparel-one piece, two really big pieces or otherwise...

Then, there were the pregnant women, in bathing suits. I feel that if you can see the fetus actually moving, you are wearing something that is too tight. There were some women there who pulled off the whole "hey I'm pregnant, can't you tell?" look (like my friend whose initials are LAF....) But then there were others who were pregnant from the front, the side, the back, the top and the bottom. Perhaps a cover up would have been appropriate but, who am I to judge...

All in all, it was an enjoyable 24 hours..the kids had fun, which was the most important thing of all and I got to see some people who are fatter than me, which might even be more important than the kids having a good time.

Off to Miami tomorrow night for the chai lifeline half marathon with Jack.

Happy Wednesday....will blog again if we survive the 13.1 miles!!

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  1. this is why I wouldnt wear my bathing suit there, cuz I KNOW everyone else has something to say. I hate when people say, "no one cares what you look like." yes they do and so i wont give them the satisfaction of making fun of me, cuz secretly I am making fun of everyone else too.