Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

you get what you pay for.

We were out of tissues. Big crisis in my house. Jonah needs his tissues for his room, Matthew needs his tissues for his room, Ari needs his tissues for shabbos (I mean we ALL use only tissues on shabbos...just making a clarification.) So off to the supermarket for the 50th time last week, I went to buy tissues. Wrote down tissues, because if I didn't, because of my age and failing memory and all, I would have forgotten tissues. (which is what happened initially and the reason why we were all out of tissues and not just down to the last few tissues.)

Anyway, so there I am in the supermarket on a quest for tissues. The tissues we had been using were the costco brand that I had borrowed from my parents supply (after all, since they are cutting me off from my cell phone, I can certainly not feel guilty about borrowing some tissues. Notice the word BORROW...would steal be more correct? ...)I am now standing in the tissue aisle. Which tissues should I buy? hmmm..some are two dollars a box, some are a dollar twenty five a box..wait,wait wait...what have we here? These tissues are only 49 cents a box-49 cents for 86 tissues (the other boxes are also 86 count) and it says they are two-ply!! Two-ply is better than one-ply as my family discovered with one-ply toilet paper-NEVER AGAIN, don't care if they are giving that stuff away for free..

So there I was, with 8 boxes of 86 count two-ply tissues for 49 cents a box. Ari is going to be so proud of me. I just saved a bundle....

Well, the story doesn't end well. 49 cent tissues, two ply or not, are really, really bad. We are talking worse than the one-ply toilet paper bad. Don't even know what these tissues are made out of-gravel? who knows...very, very bad. And then I notice the brand name....marquis....wasn't the marquis de sade known for torture? Funny joke, but the joke is on me, and my kids noses' and tushies.....not so funny.

Back to stealing from the folks....
Happy Monday!

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