Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

what do I have in common with my parents house (and it isn't how much we weigh.....)

So my parents moved into their house 5 days before I was born. Technically, chronologically, we are the same age. The house and me. Every year, on my birthday, my mom tells me the story of how she was in labor with me, my sister was throwing up and she was trying to teach my grandfather how to use the washing machine.

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time there...and I had a revelation..I hope you enjoy it.

The house looks great from the outside, maybe needs a little paint-and so do I!!

The house's plumbing is not quite what it used to be...a little hard to get it started, but once it works, it works great-hey....the same with my plumbing!! (enough said..)

The house creaks a bones creak a little, not as easy to jump out of bed as it used to be when I still lived in that house...

My mattress in my old bedroom is starting to sag...ok, we don't have that in common, because I started to sag YEARS ago (tmi...but that is what makes for a healthy blogging relationship!)

The house has a nice comfortable feel to it...and yes, I am quite comfortable. I am convinced that the reason why my son's friends like to hug me is because I am the only mom that
has something to hug (I am complimenting the other moms...)

The house is still inviting and lived in....I am...sometimes inviting and totally lived in.

After this weekend, I really feel a lot closer to the house that I grew up in. I lived there, on and off for almost 24 years...and we have been through a lot together. And now we share the same aches and pains. The same moans and groans....but, we both have a lot of love in our lives and that is what makes a house a home and me....

lucky. very, very lucky.

Here's wishing the Vikings good luck tomorrow!!

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