Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010

Another way you know you are getting older.....

Sleep. I used to sleep a lot. As a child, my dad would have to wake me more than once to get my fat tush out of bed to get ready for school. I would sleep late on the weekends, sleep late on holidays. Would fall asleep on my pile of clothes that I was supposed to be putting away on Saturday afternoons...sleep sleep sleep. There were some weekends in the dorm that I would go to sleep and just sleep all weekend....loved it!

You get married and you still love to sleep. Ari was reminding me that week after we got married, when he was waiting for his career to start and I was the breadwinner (yes, it's true. I was the breadwinner for a brief flash of time...very brief as my social security statements reflect..but I digress..)He would sleep until 10. Ahh the good old his alarm goes off before 6...hate that.

And then, you have your first baby. No sleep. No sleeping when he sleeps because you keep checking to make sure he is breathing. No sleeping period because you are always feeding him or trying to get him to go back to sleep. And then, when you finally do sleep, you can't really sleep because you hear everytime the baby rolls over, or makes a noise, or breathes. sleep. (but Ari...still sleeping....)

And now, that all of your kids are old enough to go to sleep on their own, and later than you do I might add, sleep is not the same. Thoughts run through your head, your spouse falls alseep before you do and snores like a bulldozer (not my spouse, of course...or me for that matter.)keeping you awake, leg cramps, stomach cramps, too hot, too cold, did someone put the chicken away? Did I leave the iron on? No no no, I want some good yummy sleep.

I treated myself to the westin heavenly bed pillows for chanukah. They were supposed to be a joint husband wife gift, but Ari likes the flat horrid pillows reminiscent of his childhood pillows in Monsey(not that there is anything wrong with that.) The pillows help a little. But I just have to assume that sleep will never be the same.

Going to take a nap now...but if I do that, I won't be able to fall asleep later....

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