Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

i can't do anything right

Jack has decided that he wants to go to shul with Ari at 6 am so Ari can take him for a hot chocolate afterwards. It seems Jack has learned that he can't eat or drink anything before he prays. Who taught him this? Is it even true? Are all those people who eat and drink before they pray going to hell? Isn't it more important that he listens to his mother when she tells him to clean his room? Or for him to be nicer to Jonah? Apparently not.

So I tell Jack that if he goes to sleep at 10, he can go to pray at 6. Oh boy, what am i CRAZY?!?!? How did I suggested such a thing..bad bad mom. So mom, the schmuck, says that she will bring her prince Jack hot chocolate to school to coincide with the end of prayers....she will take time out of her busy schedule of ironing, eating and watching law & order, to go to dunkin donuts, buy him a hot chocolate and quickly and safely deliver it to his school.

"It won't be hot anymore," is what I get...it won't be hot anymore...are you kidding me?? Not thank you, you are the best mom ever, not "wow, I am the luckiest kid in the world to have a mom like you..." it won't be hot anymore....

I ask him about all of the hot chocolate we have in the house..."that is all disgusting, I can't drink that stuff..." we have nestle, and hershey's and carmel and rasberry and dark chocolate and milk chocolate and white chocolate....no, it's all disgusting. I bought him whipped cream because he told me to...no, that's disgusting also. Seriously....are you kidding me?

So let's fast forward to this morning...cute, adorable Jack comes bounding down the stairs, with his incredible Ganchrow grin and says "so what time will you be bringing me my hot chocolate??" I am not kidding.

I hope the poor kid survived without it.

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