Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, February 1,2010

fat mom and skinny son cross the finish line part one

where oh where do I begin? Jack and I had an amazing weekend. It was truly quality mother and son bonding.

I was soo excited because we had heard that a bunch of football players were staying next door at the fountainbleau for the probowl(to be read with sarcasm.) So Jack and I kept going back and forth to the fountainbleau to try and see as many players as we could-that was SO MUCH FUN! Here's the problem with football players...they all wear helmets so it is not as easy to identify them as you would think...unless you go with the racist approach. (my son did not do this,he is way too timid, but a bunch of other kippah-clad youngsters were using this approach...follow along.)

Any tall, short, thin, fat, well dressed,gangsta clad black guy that walked into the hotel, was sitting in the lobby, was by the pool, was coming out of an elevator, or was just breathing was asked, by these kids "are you a football player?" ouch. I hated it. Isn't that racist? I asked a black bellhop what he thought, since the whole thing really bothered me and he said "I would probably ask them the same thing..." That didn't help my cause. In the end, a bunch of the guys made up names to tell the kids, ie "Trey Thomas"apparently is NOT in the nfl...but we did meet some really hot guy named DeMarcus Ware (wear?where?) who was the leaders in sacks (sacs? sax?) who plays for the cowboys...Jack had a whole conversation with him about-I didn't really understand it because i don't like football-but they shook hands and high fived and thank GOD,Jack was finally happy that he met a player that he was 100percent sure was a player and not just a playa....truthfully, I was happy he was just looking at the players and not at the half naked women who were falling all over them (i was not one of them and frankly, that visual is scary and totally inappropriate...)

To read about the rest of the weekend...tune in tomorrow....I have laundry backlog to take care of!

Happy Monday....and let me just add I am SOOOO proud of Jack(and myself for that matter) that we finished the half marathon...but more about that tomorrow...if I can still walk to the computer....

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