Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10,2010


I have a confession. In June 1992, my parents got me a cell phone as a college graduation present. It weighed about 20 pounds, but it served its purpose. I was going to be starting graduate school and my parents wanted me to have a phone in case my car broke down or some other sort of non-emergency emergency occured. It was a great present. It is now January 2010 and my parents have just informed me that after my present cell phone contract is up in February, they are cutting me off. Could you believe the chuzpa? After paying my cell phone bill for almost 18 years, they are finally cutting me off. I thought it was the gift that was going to keep on giving.

What scares me, is that I might have to learn how to text now. Currently, I am not able to text because my parents wouldn't pay for texting (again-chutzpa!!) but when I join onto Ari's plan, I might have texting. I don't want to text, I like talking on the phone, and I like e mailing, the whole texting this doesn't work for me. I am too old for it. And I just don't get it. If I were a kid, I could see the joy in the immediate gratification of texting my friends, but as an adult, I am just not into it. My friends who have begged me to get texting will just have to forgive me for wanting to hear their beautiful voices on the phone.

Though I totally appreciate today's technology-I mean, where would I be without facebook? I have to say, that I am glad we didn't have it when I was younger, because, without a doubt, I would have been a cyber stalker. This is another confession. On my first day of high school, I saw a boy that I fell madly in love with. I thought he was the most beautiful boy in the whole world. I left him an anonymous note in his locker saying that I loved him. And then there were the phone calls to his house....ring ring "hello?" and I would hang up. Fortunately, his parents didn't have caller id, or I might've been arrested. But if we had internet then? and texting? and e mail? and facebook? and twitter? It would have been disasterous.

So when my plan ends in February, I am on my own. Another indication that I am getting older(like I really needed another indication of that fact....)

Any recommendations? Can I just get a can with a string attached to it?...ahh, the good old days...

Happy Sunday.

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