Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13,2010

walking the track

There is a track in Teaneck that I walk around and around and around. I haven't actually gotten anywhere yet, but it is a nice, calm atmosphere. You see different people there in the winter and in the summer. In the winter, it seems, that votee park is a rest stop for the canadian geese. Hundreds of them hang out, eating, pooping(which is why i am always looking down when I walk) making friends. They seem to be having a wonderful time. I often wonder if they tell eachother about this particular park..because every winter it is the same story.

Anyway, I think there is some sort of unspoken ettiquete (how do you spell that?) at the votee track. Just like when you are in an elevator, you make eye contact once, nod, and then stare at the numbers going up or down, there is track etiquette. You pass the person, if you know them from walks passed, it's a friendly "hi, how are you?" but then the next time you pass them, no eye contact. Why is that? I have no idea.

If it's someone you don't know, I usually smile and say "hey" 50-50 on if they acknowledge me or not, next time around, I get nothing. But that is ok. It's like when you walk around town...I always try to say hello and smile-never know what kind of response I am going to get. Sometimes I feel that I am so skinny I am practically invisible, because I will say hello and it's as if the person can't even see me!! (who knew I was so thin??)

So the moral of this blog is give a smile, say hello and bring us closer to the coming of the messiah!

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