Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010-1 year til jonah's bar mitzva


Hair is a sensitive subject. Some people have lots of hair, some people have no hair, some people have hair where they shouldn't, some people have hair that always looks perfect and some people have hair that looks like they just rolled out of bed. Some people have lost their hair due to circumstances beyond their control, some people cover their hair, some people should cover their hair and don't...and the list goes on and on.

When I was younger and single, hair cuts could prove to be very traumatic. too many layers, i looked like a chicken, too few layers, I managed to sprout wings...a bad haircut would lead to tears, screaming fights with my mom, because it was her fault after all (isn't everything your mother's fault??) in the early 80's that whole side of your head flip look was in. I just couldn't get it...dam my curls!! my sister had the awesome farrah flip, Marcy and Alicia from my grade had it, i just couldn't get the flip....very frustrating. Though i still look back fondly on those barrettes with the ribbons-that was a classy look. Wish that would come back in style.(but like everything that comes back in style, if you wore it the first time around, you can't wear it the second time around....for example-leggings, miniskirts...etc.) As for haircuts now-once every six months and whatever it looks like, it's alright with me!

Coloring your hair....well, in 10th grade beautiul Roni put that jolene face bleach in her hair, and it made her even more beautiful. Portly Banji but jolene in her hair, it oxidized, turned her hair so sad. What made it even sadder was that i though that if I kept cutting my hair shorter, it would make me look thinner, but basically all it did was make me look like a pyramid.
Perhaps this is why i am afraid to start coloring my hair now....BUT THE GRAY KEEPS MULTIPLYING.....if I keep plucking it out, I am going to need a hair piece, forget about coloring it, there won't be any left!!!

Removing unwanted hair...ahh, laser hair removal. God's gift to women with only daughters-in-law will thank me when they don't have to pluck my whiskers in the nursing is never too early to be considerate...

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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