Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

the supermarket.

I feel very close to the supermarket. It is like a home away from home for me. I am there all the time. Coincidentally, shoprite is right above my gym. There is nothing like taking a motivating spinning class, getting into the music, feeling the burn, sweating like a pig, totally enjoying my spin bike in the back corner so no one has to go through the emotional pain of seeing me from behind, on a spin bike(which I think just makes it worse...) finishing the class, ready to take on the world just a few ounces lighter...and then going upstairs to shoprite to discover that Entenmanns is 2 for five dollars, hershey bars are 5 packs for 4 dollars, milky way comes in a jar-IT COMES IN A JAR PEOPLE! this is why we need the Biggest loser, this is why we are such a fat country...what does one do with Milky Way in a jar? put in on bread? a muffin? eat it with a spoon..(I am thinking eat it with a spoon while watching the biggest loser).

When I was younger and I first got my driver's license, I was sooo excited to go to Grand Union for my parents. It was like I was running with the olympic torch-we need milk "I'll go!" we are out of paper towels "I'll go!!" It was all so new and glamorous.

Now, not so glamorous. "Banj, soda is on sale at pathmark, powerade is on sale at shoprite, clementines are on sale at stop n shop"- yes folks, there is my whole week right market to market to by a whatever-is-on-sale. Heck, when soda was 59 cents at Fairway, the cashiers started to recognize so sad.

Double coupons, god's gift to the housewife...the only thing more exciting than coupons is when they ring up something wrong and then...THEY HAVE TO GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE!!
It's a big thrill, I assure you....

Happy shopping!

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