Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

How was this new years different than others past....well, I am embarrassed to report that after a wonderful evening and a delicious dinner at talias steakhouse (the recession proof menu totally rocked. My "cheap bastard" (said with love) husband was thrilled when we got the 60 dollar bill-60 bucks for two mains, two sides, two sodas, a dessert and a margarita-mine, not his...) anyway, we get home..yada yada yada,I go upstairs at 10 minutes to 12, tell Jack to come and get me when the ball drops so we can ring in the new year thing I know, I wake up, it's one woke me, so i went back to sleep. Pathetic. another sign that i am getting old. Another sign was waking up and helping matthew do his hebrew book report...not recovering from a hangover and trying to remember where i was.

Lets go back to new years 1988..the concord hotel, bottles of free champagne, my parents sending my brother down at 4 in the morning to find me...those were the good old days. Life was simple. I was 17 and think that my parents took us to the concord every year because they felt it was safer to know where we all were. Am i going to be that naive when my boys get older? Maybe they will just take after their father and NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG...the only time my Ari gave his parents a hard time was when he married me....what can you do. He has never gotten drunk, he has never tried drugs (though neither have I) and he has never woken up not remembering where he was.(and I often say he will only cheat on me if someone comes to the house...) We are only married 14 years...I still have time to corrupt him.

Wishing all 3 of you who read this a happy 2010..filled with good health, good times, good friends and lots of money to pay for school and camp.

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