Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday February 4,2010

genius idea

While sitting in the van this morning, warming it up for my boys so they don't get a chill while they are waiting for the bus which is only a block away but I still need to take them to the corner because heaven forbid they should walk....I was listening to the radio. The dj's were saying that Ashton Kutscher, of all people, came up with a theory- that all year long we should be warm and friendly to those around us, romantic and caring to our significant others and then on Valentine's day, we should be haters...we should tell the people we don't like what we really think of them-just get it all out there. Cleanse our souls with the truth. (words to live by....)

I really enjoyed this theory-not that I keep anything in all year long and only need 1 day to let it all hang out but, it is a good theory. Now..Valentines day. We don't celebrate it. Why? Ari said something about it being pagan, but, it's because he just doesn't want to buy me anything. I think that he is wrong. Most spouses are not romantic all year long. No love notes, no little trinkets, no grand gestures. Walk ahead of hand holding..blah blah blah.. So here is one day ONE FREAKIN DAY...that is it-24 hours of being romantic. That is all that is required of valentines day. All year you ignore us and here, a gift is being given to you - only 1 day where you have to pay attention to us and treat us like you did before we got married and into the rut of day to day life. And you know what, if you don't like the idea of valentines day, pick another day dammit-we don't care what could be in August for all we care....just pick one day that you worship us again....

In 1980, my sister decided that we weren't going to celebrate Valentines day any more...we were going to celebrate Latkins Lovers Day and it was going to be every year on the sunday before valentines day. So Sunday, February 10, 1980 came...she made everyone breakfast with heart shaped menus...she even bought me a teddy bear...but then my grandfather died, and that was the end of latkins lovers day...the only time we celebrated it....maybe it was a sign.....

But anyway, back to Ashton.....I think it would be really nice for us to all be warm and cozy all year and mean and honest for 1 day....but I firmly believe that any man can withstand the torture of only being romantic for a single day.....and as for myself, it just isn't healthy to hold in your feelings all year long!!!!!!

Let em out, free youself and say halleluya!!!!!

Happy Thursday

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