Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday February 8,2010

the week of living positively-day 1

I have been the subject of an intervention. It has been brought to my attention by the lucky guy who has to live with me that,perhaps, I tend to be a bit negative. I am not sure where he gets this idea from, but he has given me a challenge. Can I, Banji Dawn(yes, Dawn) Latkin-Ganchrow, be positive for one week. Not in real day-to-day life, but in my blogging life. Can all of my observations about anything be positive....I have accepted this challenge,appreciated the intervention and will try my best. Fortunately, there was no betting involved, so, for me, it is a win-win situation if I do not meet his expectations. But for him...well, I apologize in advance. It could be could've married someone else and never would have known the joy of being married to someone moody...and what a joy it is! (see-I said JOY-positive word!!)

Let us begin.....

I am so happy that the superbowl is over. The Saints won, so hopefully Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, two really close friends of the Ganchrow family, might actually get married. Keeping my fingers crossed-those crazy kids have been together for years and we are so happy for them. But the real reason why I am happy about the superbowl being over is that it culminates weeks and weeks of being ignored on Sundays. There is nothing more upsetting then when you entire family leaves you alone for up to five hours to be left to your own devices. Your only responsibility- leaving them dinner on the table when the game is over...

I can't wait to have family sundays again-ahh, gathering around the fireplace to discuss plans-what should we do? another art museum? perhaps a nature walk through historic downtown newark? a culinary tour of the lower east side? disney on ice? the possibilities are endless. I am so fortunate to be a part of a family that loves to do things like that together. And now that the football season is over-we will have that chance. The group hugs...the high fives....the big, warm smiles of my boys while we watch Mickey Mouse sail across the ice, wearing those adorable Mickey ears....good times, good times.

Hold it...I am so positive that hockey season is still in full swing....are those games on Sunday? will we have to postpone all of those wonderful family trips? Oh no, will I have to retreat back down to the bunker so no one knows that I am home and aren't able to ask me where the plastic cups are even though they have been in the same place for years? Oh my, I hope not....I have been really looking forward to that nature walk!!

Let's Go Devils....

Happy Monday

ps for the record...none of what you have just read has any hidden sarcastic tone...I am all about the positive did I do? ;)

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