Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18,2010

rick springfield, my boyfriend

The first time I saw my boyfriend Rick was on Solid Gold...remember that show? They had those dancers that would come out and perform to the top 10 hits of that week. They would be dressed in scantily clad costumes and one of them had really, really long hair and I could never figure out how she was able to dance without tripping on it....but then there was Rick. OMG....i would call my friend Marcy Robinson on the phone and we would SCREAM--he's so cute, he's so cute, oh my god, I am going to marry him! and then we learned he was also on General we would tape General Hospital during the week and watch it during the commercials of Solid Gold so it could be all Rick...all night. It was heaven. My mom even let me hang a poster of him in the basement (not in my room, because it would rip the wall paper..)

My first concert was to see my boyfriend Rick. My dad took my sister and I to the meadowlands ...I still have the program (which I finally had signed by him a few years ago...sigh...)I can vividly remember my father wearing a walkman to drown out the sound of my Rick....and all of the screaming girls....I was in heaven...

Fast forward to now....the last few Rick concerts I have gone to, well, Ari has called them weight watchers meetings (nice, and you people wonder why i have low self esteem!!) They are 98 % women (2% disgruntled husbands who are hoping to get lucky because they are taking their wives to see this loser perform...sorry rick, I don't think you are a loser, i think you are dreamy...gee, I hope he is reading this...maybe he will want to marry me...sigh) My sister and I went to a free concert in Maryland about 2 years ago-it was so awesome. He was so awesome..and my left hand touched his shirt...OMG!!!!!!!!! I was so excited and screaming so loud, I thought I would just pass out into his arms....(and hopefully, the paramedics would have been close by to revive him after that..)

And then, we got the ultimate news...the Rick Springfield and friends cruise. I didn't care about the friends...but I was going on this cruise. It didn't work out the first two years, something about Ari wanting to go away with me blahblah blah...but for my 40th sister and I were going.

But it wasn't meant to be...the information came out a few weeks ago and since the cruise has been such a hit and apparently recession proof (it is amazing what some fat chicks will pay to see MY boyfriend...) they extended the cruise an EXTRA DAY!!! yes, that extra is Saturday. I would be docking in Miami on Saturday. Can I walk from the ship to a hotel? do you think I can get permission for that? anyone? anyone?

So I will not be spending my 40th with Rick this year....maybe my 41rst...but I will always love him...

Happy Thursday....

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