Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday nights...then and now....

The year was 1986...the music was great, the clothes were soo totally way cool-my ton-sur-ton leggings and matching oversized sweatshirt. OMG I was so awesome. White leather cowboy boots and a perfume called Poison-not so sure on the name. But I could pick the smell out of a line up. Sweet 16's....laser shows at the Planaterium (laser floyd-anyone? anyone?) Boys wearing polo cologne (ahhh...)and argyle sweaters-no hoodies or baggie jeans. John Hughes movies-they made me cry when I first saw them and now they make me laugh when I realize how all-to-true some of those messages were. All week was a build up to Saturday night. Would nap for hours on Saturday to regain precious energy lost during a week of high school. Where are you going? what are you doing? who is going out with who? Even an NCSY event was ok back in the 80's (hard to believe, but true...) Lots of build up....sometimes a let down and sometimes simply perfect.

Fast forward to now.....Do I really need to get dressed tonight? I am so tired...why can't we just stay in? there must be something on ESPN classic we can watch!! (nothing like a 30 year old yankee game to really make the night special..)Do we need to go to that party? We don't even like those people (for the record, Ari probably does and I probably don't...) Or, the other scenario "How come no one ever calls us to go out? " (Well, Banji, probably because you don't like anyone and they know it :) )

So last night was a big night out for us. We had, not 1, but TWO, count them T W O, hockey games. I looked forward to that all week. One was at 7:30 and one was at 9:30. What did we do in the precious hour in between? Dinner? A movie? Some romantic gazing into eachothers eyes? nope...carpool. Being almost middle aged in the suburbs..nothing like it.

The games were actually fun. Matthew scored two goals (have any of you seen Miracle on Ice?) and his friend scored one. (they lost, but not important.) Then Jack and Jonah's team won...with Jack in goal-skinniest goalie in Bergen County and always smiling. So everyone ended up in a good mood (yes, even me)

So Saturday nights might not have the magic that they once did, but I guess it is a different kind of magic. But what scares me is that before I know it...will my boys be wearing the polo cologne?
oy vey.

Happy Sunday...happy superbowl. Go Vikings! (I know..they aren't playing....)

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