Friday, February 19, 2010

friday, february 19, 2010 happy birthday lisa

real time in the Ganchrow house

It is friday afternoon and my three boys are watching a replay of the Tiger Woods bullcrap session....and they are fighting about it...lets take a listen....

"this was on before"
"who cares"
"what do you want to watch"
"i dont care,anything but this"
"why can't you just tell me what you want to watch"
"why do you have to be so annoying"
"I am not being annoying"
"just put on espn"
"who cares, nothing is on"
"But I don't want to watch that"
"get off of me"
"no, you get off of me"
"you are such an idiot"
"no you are"
"ouch..get off of me..."
"your headphones are too loud"
"make your ipod lower"
"can you take your headphones off"
"ouch...get off of me"

ARGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why watching the show The Middle makes me feel that this is perfectly normal and acceptable behavior...if they can make a tv show about three kids who have to watch the same show on three different tv's because they can't agree on the volume, then my kids can't be the only ones who act like this. I guess the only difference is my kids aren't getting paid a lot of money to bicker with eachother(they actually aren't getting paid anything)-but wouldn't that be great? It would make it all worthwhile for them to try and tear limbs off of eachother if they were getting paid...

The week winds down, the sabbath is upon us...soon a calming force will take over the house (especially when they all go with their father to synagogue and I can have a drink...) but before this house reaches that calm, in just a few moments I will ask them all to take showers and get ready and then they will stop screaming at eachother and start screaming at they know that that is the real plan-getting them to form an alliance against the mean cruel mom who doesn't want them to smell over the next 24 alliance that will make them stronger as brothers-at least they have me in common....(and their father, they have him in common, too.)

That is all for now everyone....let the shouting begin...."boys...who's taking the first shower??"

Happy Friday and have a great weekend

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