Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wednesday, febraury 17, 2010

dreams then and now

Some of you may not remember me from the 1980 winter olympics in Lake Placid. I was a finalist in the women's figure skating. I would lace up my skates, go down to my basement and perfom maginificent jumps and twirls-with perfect landings. I only placed 6th overall which is probably why many of you don't remember. It was all very exciting-I was even on saturday night live and on the cover of sports illustrated. I was also a veterinarian(until I learned that I had to be good in math), an artist (until I realized I had no talent), a back-up guitarist for the Go-Gos (need I say more.....) what did you dream of being when you were little?

Now, I dream of being able to go a whole day without screaming at anyone, without any physical pain and with the ability of going to the bathroom without anyone looking for me(and sometimes, just the ability to go the bathroom at all, if you know what I mean)-when did these dreams all change?

I think it is such a blessing for people who dream of becoming, let's say a baseball player, and one day, they actually become one. That is just amazing. When my kids first started playing rec baseball, I used to look at the over-competitive fathers and wonder, "do they really think their kid is going to wind up in the major leaugues?" or, perhaps, that was a dream that they had as a boy...and now, they work for a bank, or a law firm or at a school....not that there is anything wrong with that...most people do not become what they wanted to be when they were little (otherwise, one of my kids is going to be driving an ice cream truck in a few years....not that there is anything wrong with THAT....but for shidduch purposes, I can't tell you which kid it is...see, I can be discreet!!)

And now, I also dream for my kids, or more like PRAY....I pray that they are happy and safe....I pray that they have good health and peace of mind...I pray that all of their dreams come true-no matter how many times those dreams change.

So what if I was never in the olympics (yes, I lied, I was almost in the olympics, but I didn't meet the weight requirement...what a shame-sooo close....) or in the Go-Gos, though I still play a mean air guitar and can lip-syn the words to almost any 80's song (I can also sing them, but that never ends well...) My dreams have changed so many times over the last 3 decades and they have all brought me to where I am now. And who knows, maybe one day, I will be on saturday night live(though, it is on a little late for me...who can stay up so late?)

A girl can dream, you know!

Happy Wednesday...

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