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tuesday, march 23, 2010

bring back the lavendar gunny-sax dress

November 1982. My bat mitzva. All I wanted to wear was the lavendar gunny-sax dress that every other girl in my grade wore to her bat mitzva...but noooo, chubby Banji wasn't allowed to have that dress, BECAUSE everyone else had it(and possibly because of how I would look in it compared to everyone else who had it)....I had to be shlepped out to Lesters in Brooklyn and bought a dark purple drop waist velvet dress with a big off white sailor collar. Now, it was a beautiful dress and I did love it...but it wasn't the lavendar gunny sax.

Bat mitzvas Now....gunny sax would have no chance in 2010-not tight enough-what are some of these girls wearing? NOTE: only some girls, not all girls. The bat mitzvas I have been to lately, have had a bevvy of very nicely dressed girls-nothing too tight or too short (though the heels on some of those mothers, that is another story altogether-that was a shout-out SP-loved the shoes you wore when i saw you, hope your feet are ok)

So some of these girls wear these really tight and short dresses-seriously kids, you are 12, not 20...but what always makes me chuckle is when I see the "me" girl...the girl who is taller and bigger than the other girls, but is still wearing the same kind of dress because HER mother let her dress like her friends (sorry mom...but I guess you are right because the "me" girl always looks like an idiot...sometimes I am even tempted to go over to that girl and say..."honey, it'll be ok, the good news is that you will grow up and marry a really sweet bald guy who thinks you are beautiful at any weight...the bad news is that you will always be bigger than all of your friends so get used to it....) yet, the "me" girl always looks pretty confidant...(until you catch her eating a plate of cake in the bathroom....)

I really wanted to find the lavendar gunny-sax dress to wear to Jack's bar mitzva...fortunately, I didn't, because even though I am a "grown up" now, and can wear whatever I want, it would probably make me look more ridiculous now than it would have in 1982....but it would have been fun just to see the look on my mother's face....though, i have to admit, she was also right about not letting my sister and i wear clogs-when those came back in style (20 years after she wouldn't let me have them...) i ran out, bought a pair, and then when I wore them for the first time, fell and twisted my ankle...but I am only admitting she was right TWICE....not getting anymore after that....

(I also have to admit that i originally wrote this blog on 2/21 and thought i had lost it because my internet connection went out, but it resurfaced yesterday,and i thought you might get a kick out of it....if you didn't, i apologize...)

So the lessons learned-only listen to your mother occasionally, AND, when your husband tells you that he doesn't want a party for his 40th birthday, don't believe him-how was that for two random thoughts put together???

Happy Tuesday

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