Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday April 29,2011

Royal wedding....

I was up at 530 this morning and I'm proud to admit it. We had the opportunity to watch a real fairy tale and I loved every minute of it. The kiss was lacking some passion, but they are both virgins so I'm sure they were just nervous....onto the subject at hand.....

Poor Kate...princess Diana probably would have been an incredible mother in law. She loved her boys, she loved fashion and she would have loved Kate. I'm usually a skeptic about these things, but I know. So now we have Camilla, once described by her mother in law as "that horrible woman" (queen or no queen, a mother in law should only think those things, say them to her husband everyday for the rest of his life perhaps, but never, ever say them aloud.....) and Camilla doesn't seem to really care about fashion or accessorizing. And we have kate's mom, who looks like a lovely woman, who produced two hot daughters and a son who looks like he's hot-to-trot... with all of these women, I ask, Why oh why did no one give Kate a necklace to wear with her dress? It was not a wow-factor dress..that's what diana wore, but with the right royal gem stone, it could've had a bit more panache. Now, I'm clearly no expert, but I do know my jewelry(since jewelry and pocketbooks always fit....) and she needed a piece. She's gonna be queen for gods sakes...give the girl a piece of jewelry. The tiara was lovely(nothing like the one I wear around the house, but mine also has stones that are glue-gunned on) but, it just wasn't enough.

When I got married husband #1 gave me little pearl earrings surrounded by diamonds. They were little on me because his sister, who is 9 inches shorter than I am thought they looked big on her.....but I wore them and smiled...cause that's the kindve wife I am (or was....the earrings have been put away waiting for a granddaughter...or niece....or friends daughter.....) I know his intentions were good and now he knows better(or at least I do and pick out stuff myself...don't tell him though, he never notices....) but Kate is royalty....she needed someone to advise her. If anyone knows her, please tell her I'm available to be her jewelry consultant (I'll even sneak her some cookies, poor girl looked like she was going to faint from hunger.....)

May we all live happily ever after.....

Happy friday

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