Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday April 7,2011

The things we do for our kids......

As some of you may know, husband #1's favorite treat, aside from me, is Stella doro Swiss fudge cookies. He has passed this love onto his son, son #1, who eats so few things that I have to indulge him with these cookies and hope there is some nutritional value in them and no cholesterol.

For those of you not from this planet, a Swiss fudge cookie is a cookie that has a chocolate bloby center, surrounded by white cookie. You can eat the cookie part in a circular motion and save the bloby part for last, you can pop the whole thing in your mouth, two bites...however you want -though not as popular as the Oreo, still a very pleasant any event, sometimes the cookie part comes a little well done, or has an unequal chocolate bloby to cookie ratio.....these two particular instances make son #1 very unhappy...and then he won't eat them.(fortunately, I don't like them so I don't mind keeping them in the house....)

Now, being the fantastic Jewish mother that I am, in buying these cookies, I have a process, because if I don't bring home the right kind, well, all hell will break loose and the world will be thrown even further off of its axis. I must take all of the packages of cookies off the shelf and look through each one of them for the whitest cookie and the smallest amount of chocolate bloby. I wish I was kidding. In stop n shop the other day, I am kneeling on the floor with eleven packages of cookies in front of me, praying that I don't see anyone I know, as I carefully select the right packages of cookies to make my precious first born he can move to Minnesota and take my grandchildren with him.....but that's not the point.

I bring them home and, with much trepidation, take out the cookies that I have selected...."please like them, please like them," I pray.
Son #1 looks at them, looks at me...looks back at the cookies, looks at me, my heart is pounding, my mind is racing, "thanks mom, I love you."

Thank god.,,I did something right....for now.

Happy Thursday

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