Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday april 21,2011

It keeps getting better..

We Jews are a funny group of people. Our religion ranges from those of us who eat matzo on Passover with our ham and eggs to those of us that will only swim in a pool with people of the same sex, with a curtain encompassing the entire circumference of the pool so no one of the opposite sex can see us....and all of the entertaining nuances in between. But, the one thing that remains constant in our religion, whether we hang to the right or to the left, is that everything revolves around food.

I am sitting in the lobby of the Hudson valley resort, it is 20 degrees outside and there is a cocktail party going on, in a tent, just a few feet from the entrance to the hotel. Women in furs, children bundled in their north faces, the elderly zipping along in their sabbath friendly scooters are all gearing up for the frosty walk for the food. Party started at 6....dinner is at 7. I'm not joking. I'm also a little concerned because the hotel has been advertising a new and improved petting zoo, and I'm afraid that what is being served at the cocktail party is the old decrepit petting zoo(where are those lamb chops from???)

I read a fascinating article in the Jewish press about eating healthy on vacation. Rachael Schindler, who I am assuming is a skinny mini from long island, advised me(and I'm sure she was just talking to me) that I should choose one meal a day to eat what I want, and then refrain from over-eating the rest of the day. Surprisingly, she wrote that breakfast, which I thought was the most important meal of the day(but don't really believe is the most important-since I don't want to make my other meals feel bad.,,)shouldn't be the one I choose because the breakfast menu is the same everyday...interesting. I happen to like lunch because it is dairy, but that's just me. And I'm sure none of you really care...

Well, it's getting a little noisy in the lobby, I'm assuming that's because the cocktail party is coming to a close and the dining room is about to open, thank god. I hope everyone enjoyed snacking on the rejects from the petting zoo, poor things...those baby chickens were so cute, but I guess they taste better as nuggets.....

Happy thursday

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