Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday April 17,2011

Passovers gone by.....

In trying to keep up with the joneses(or in the Jewish world we'll say keeping up with the steins..) I will be in Florida for the first part of the holiday, Arizona for the middle part and Israel for the end. Man, that's going to be exhausting...especially since husband #1 doesn't like paying to check in luggage so we each have one shop rite bag for the whole journey....don't stand too close..

In reality, the ganchrow clan is doing something that they haven't done in years...split the holiday between in laws and parents. If we weren't with the in laws for the first days, they would be alone and if we weren't with my parents the last days, they would be, I hope my kids will be as w o n d e r f u l as we are being....(to dream the impossible dream)

Anyway, for some reason, my memories of passovers of the past are quite vivid. Watching my papa make charoset with us with the chopper, eating the butter-sugar-just a touch of salt Passover cereal that he would make us(is it any wonder why I have a weight problem?)...and then when my maternal grandparents were no longer with us we would go to the concord, where the food was so good, there's no way it was really kosher (for Passover or any other holiday) We would have these big private seders with friends and family. Good times. Though, let us not forget how my mom and sister would pack so much that the back of the car would practically touch the ground...yup, those were the days.

I can only hope that despite all of the screaming I do at my kids(and husband #1, of course, who took the boys to a Yankee game so no one could actually help do anything....) they will treasure the memories that they are making with their grandparents...

May you all have a happy and healthy holiday season..filled with good memories and regular trips to the bathroom.....

Happy Sunday

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