Thursday, April 28, 2011

thursday april 28,2011

please dont lean over...

we had an ipod goo emergency today. the goo that i told son #3 NOT to get as a prize for selling candy, exploded in his knapsack and did something not very good to his ipod. So, off to the apple store we went to find a genius to help us fix the ipod. Apparently, goo is a very powerful substance and it is not fixable. Or under warranty....but, that is not what this blog is about. We were sent to a waiting area between table#3 and table #4..kind've an apple store purgatory-our problem wasnt seriousness enough to warrant a they had to put us somewhere.

Working on the computer on table #3 was a young woman in a low cut shirt. The shirt was made even more low cut when she would lean over the computer and her boobies were revealed for all to see. Every man and woman that walked by table #3 were witness to the boobies. Son #3 was playing on another computer..i kept an eye on him, but he had yet to notice the boobies. And then, he looked up. I saw his eyes look at her...and then look at me...."Mommy," he whispered, "you can see down her shirt...can we move to another table?" god bless that kid.

I asked if i should tell the woman about what she was showing to the whole store..he told me not too...he is a man after all...what can you do....

Happy Thursday

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