Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31,2011

Chupkas, paparazzi and bickering...oh my...

Another winter vacation has gone by.From what I gathered from reading status updates on facebook, people were either in Mexico, on a cruise, on a cruise to Mexico, in the Bahamas, on some other island or were home complaining about the people who were posting about how fabulous their vacations were..

I had the privilege and good fortune to be able to take my three sons to Miami beach..which, apparently, while none of us were looking, became home of the chupka. What is a chupka? Well, my friend who originally hails from boro park, home of the seamed opaque stocking, snood and doc martins for women, explained to me that the terry cloth turbans that have been appearing on every third womans head in Miami beach is actually a chupka. My boys thought is was something ultra-religious women wear on days you read the Torah....whatever a chupka is, they are alive and well in Miami and the paparazzi in front of the fontainbleau enjoy taking pictures of the women wearing them....or maybe they were there to take pictures of Justin bieber, who knows.....someone told me that you can buy these turbans/chupkas at bed bath and beyond..and I am thinking of bringing the trend to my home town....pancake hats on the island of long and chupkas in never know....

Back to vacation.....son #1 and I did the chai lifeline half marathon for the second year in a row...that is what brought us to Miami. Husband #1 thought it would be a fantastic idea for the whole family to go this year. Fantastic for him maybe, because he was stuck in new York while I was hanging out with the bickering brothers from hell. Could you hear them in Mexico? On your cruise ships? In chuckie cheese?(if you were in chuckie cheese, you are exempt from answering the rhetorical have enough problems...) The only time they weren't
fighting was when I was buying them snacks at walgreens....but there are only so many snacks......and then husband #1 showed up and I had someone to bicker with so balance was restored and all was right with the universe.

Son #1 and I finished the marathon in record time (record time for us....)and we were proud to be part of team lifeline. Chai lifeline is such an incredible organization and we pray for the quick and painless recovery for all those we know, and don't know, who are suffering from life threatening illnesses....

Happy monday

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