Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday February 4,2011

More reasons why I love oprah....

Since it's her last season, I think she is trying to have on every guest who has ever had any sort of fame in the last 40 years....I have been dvr-ing some of this season because,well, I do love oprah, and not just because she weighs more than I do, though, that does help.....but because I was interested. Ok, so Bo Derek was on, who still looks amazing and gets to sleep with aiden from sex in the city and she flat out admitted to oprah that she knows she is beautiful....and she is, but, she did not admit to plastic surgery and last I checked, she wasn't of Asian descent(ok, I really didn't check, but her eyes were looking mighty suspicious.)

She also had on mc hammer who, much to my surprise is involved in apps and tweets and social media stuff and helped to develop an iPad case where, if you slam your iPad on the floor because you can't figure out how to work it, it doesn't break- who knew he was so involved?!? I was very impressed.

Today's episode, which I will be watching on Sunday while simultaneously rooting for the steelers/packers (depending on who is reading this) is a very exciting one...supermodels of the past...ooh, like dinosaurs or typewriters...Cheryl tiegs( who is now a spokesperson for what not to do to your face after 50), Christie brinkley, whose eyes no longer look like they are open at all and some others. I was always a fan of carol alt and Kim Alexis, but that's just me (I'm also a fan of Rick Springfield, so my taste is questionable....)

But the reason why I love oprah for this is because she is bringing our past to the present....answering our questions of "whatever happened to..." naa, it's because she's fatter than me.....

Happy Friday

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