Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday January 17,2011

Things your mother never taught you...but would've been nice if she mentioned....

Did you know that when your son decides that his half eaten Hershey bar is dirty and he puts it in his pants pocket so it will get clean in the laundry, if you put it in the dryer it makes all of the clothing smell like chocolatey goodness??

Did you know that even if all of your spoiled brats, I mean children, each have their own iPods and iPod chargers, no one can ever find one when their iPods die and it's your fault?!? (not the dads fault, only the moms fault, I guess if the dads could have nursed these kids for almost a year then it could be their fault...)

Did you know that dishes magically fly into the dishwashers?

Did you know that a tornado actually does go through some childrens bedrooms every freaking day?!?!

Did you know that when you give your first husband a teeny tiny errand to run, unless you specifically write out the geographic location, with longitude and latitude, he can't figure it out and comes home empty handed?(and expects you to be ok with it?!? Seriously?!?)

Did you know that if you put 8 socks in the wash, you will always only get 7 back???

That's all I got...for now..

Happy monday

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