Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday January 12,2011

This is what I come up with when I have to much time on my hands.....

Recently, I have been watching episodes of top chef. For those of you who don't watch it, top chef is a reality show that takes a bunch of really good chefs, has them do various cooking challenges, and then whittles them down to one, who becomes the top chef(hence the name of the show.) now, I enjoy this show because, though it involves food, it does not make me hungry.

These culinary geniuses make things with foods that don't even sound the least bit appetizing. I am fully aware that my culinary pallete is perfectly happy with a delicious tuna melt and onion rings..but who would really enjoy frog leg chili on a bed of braised leeks and olives? So it got me thinking....the biggest loser, which is one of my favorite shows, which is a show about people even bigger than I am, who eat large pizzas like skinny bitches eat watercress, should combine with top chef. The chefs present portions of food on teeny tiny plates, some of them even serve on just spoons-how could that even be filling? Well, it's not, so they should be feeding it to the biggest loser contestants,,,I think it's a genius idea....but that's just me..

Last night on the biggest loser, one team sent the other team a box of donuts....cruel,I know..but the team who received the donuts, all took turns stomping on the box. The guy who brought the box to the dumpster, almost took a bite out of one of the stomped on donuts.,..which,I'm embarrassed to admit, I could relate too...poor guy, but I think with the help of the cameras on him, he didn't give into temptation, and I was proud of him. But if he had a top chef dessert of bacon ice cream on a roasted blueberry-he most likely would not have been tempted in the first place.....I'm just saying....

Happy wednesday

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