Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 20, 2011

And it all begins in a shopping mall......

Son #1 finished the first half of his first year of high school. This totally freaked me out so I decided to try and forget about how quickly time is passing and I took him to the mall to buy new "dress" shoes. (apparently, there was an incident over the weekend which involved him almost dropping a Torah because he tripped over his shoes..,which of course, was my fault because he told me that he needed new ones-for the record, he told me no such thing, but, it is still my fault....)

Off to the mall we go. I was very excited about this outing because, being the mother of only sons and having really skinny friends that have little patience to shop with someone who isn't a sample size, I am often alone at the mall(which isn't necessarily a bad thing because you can't get into too much trouble when you are alone) so here I had my handsome companion with me and I thought that, aside from the mother son bonding, I could, perhaps, do some shopping for myself as well.

WHAT WAS I THINKING???????? Mom, do you really need another necklace? Mom, that dress would look ridiculous on, don't you already have boots? Mom, I am not going into that department with, I thought we were here for me?!? Mom, can I please have that? And that? And that? Don't tell dad, he will ask why I needed that (and that..and that...) welcome to my world, kid.

So in the end, son #1 got really nice shoes (which, of course husband #1 had to comment on the price, because his new shoes are from....kohls..(there, I said it, my husband shops at kohls.....oh god....) son #1 also got several other things, that we won't go into, but let's just say there might be a Vikings flag hanging out some random window on some random street in teaneck...soon to be followed by pink flamingoes on the lawn, accompanied by a large tatooed man wearing a wife beater, sitting on a rusty lounge chair and drinking a beer(look what i have driven husband #1 to.....that was an odd tangent to go on....)

Point is, going to the mall with your son is like going to the mall with any man....if he's not the focus of attention, no one is happy...(oh wait, that's me...oh that's why son#1 had such a good time....but man, I do love that kid...)

Happy Thursday and happy birthday to my adorable dimpled nephew who is 18 today!!!!!

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