Sunday, September 26, 2010

sunday september 26, 2010

best almost birthday EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my sweet 16 was awesome. great dj in my parents basement. the invitaions looked like 45's- those are small record albums for those of you who think 45's are 45 year old people.... and records, well, just google it for godsake, google will explain to you what a record is...all of my friends were there, good food(of course) and i got my first real, real kiss from my high school boyfriend, under the apple tree, in my parents was just like a john hughes movie(you can google him too, god rest his talented soul) it was the perfect evening.

then came the 1 month before my 26th birthday, when i gave birth to son #1...he was the best birthday present...he made me a mom and changed my life forever and for the better....

but last night....oh, last night, sorry son #1...last night....i got kissed by my real, true boyfriend...that is right, Rick Springfield kissed me and wished me a happy birthday...i was having such heart palpitations that i thought i was going to drop dead of sheer, pure, blissful, joyful,happiness.....i felt a little bad for the guy because he kissed the top of my head, which after the three-day holiday was not smelling like fresh coconuts...but i will not be washing that part of my head for a very very long time. (totally kidding about that, btw, which stands for by-the-way for those of you who knew what a 45 was.....)

it was the best night ever...and now, when i go see my boyfriend at his book-signing in ridgewood on October 13th(his book, late late and night comes out on October 12th for those of you who are interested...yes, i know that NONE of you are interested, but, a girl can try to promote her boyfriend's work..)...we can continue where we left off....sorry husband #1, but this is all your were the one who arranged it all!!!!!

happy happy sunday

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