Monday, September 13, 2010

monday september 13, 2010

and there go the rugelach....

this is a sad blog, with a sprinkling of humor. mrs. cooper died today. this is sad on many levels, the first being that mr cooper died less than a year ago, the second being that she was a really lovely lady and the third being that she leaves behind three very sad children, 14 very sad grandchildren and several great-grandchildren who will never have the joy of really knowing either of these wonderful people. though it isn't my job to eulogize them, the reason i speak of them is because they were my next door neighbors in fair lawn for my whole life, well, the life before the life i have now. they watched me grow up, get married,made sheva brachot for me, have kids...they had the spare key for when i was locked out of the house when my mom would take my sister shopping and forget about me....good neighbors and really good people.

though there are many things i could write about mrs cooper, i have to take this opportunity to write about her rugelach. her crunchy, scrumptious cinnamon rugelach..some had raisins, some did not...they were magical. i would have to sneak in as many as i could before anyone noticed because mrs cooper was in cohoots with my mom about me being chubby and not eating so much. so i would have to secretly place my hand under the saran wrapped dish and grap what i could before being discovered. but the rugelach i was "allowed" to eat at dessert time...those i would savor. i would bite along the pattern where they were rolled and enjoy every morsel....and their house always smelled liked baked goods.....what could be bad....unfortunately, no one has the recipe. I would joke about it with her daughter and daughters in law....but it is no where to be found.. may the angels in heaven enjoy them as much as i did.....

baruch dayan emet.

happy monday

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