Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesday september 21,2010

its all my fault

part of the joy of being a mom is taking responsibility that everything is my fault.

"but i dont like the blue pants..."
-my fault

"my computer isnt working"
-my fault

"i cant find the piece of paper with my homework on it"
-my fault

"he is being annoying"
-my fault

"why did the viking/rams/panthers lose??"
-totally my fault as i am the scout for all of those teams....

why do the mets keep losing?"
-so not my fault...that one i cant claim as my own....

it is always nice to start out a beautiful sunny day with everything being my fault. it is a great responsibility being so powerful.....

fortunately...when i show up at 6:30 with son #1's goalie equipment, he will give me a big smile and hopefully forget about all of the horrible things in his life that are my fault....

Happy Thursday

want to take this opportunity to officially welcome Isaac Rand Freilich into this world....named after my grandfather Isidore Irving Freilich-sweetest man ever to walk this earth.....may Isaac grow up with all of the wonderful attributes that his namesake had.....

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