Monday, September 6, 2010

monday, september 6,2010

taboo subjects.

there are many things people dont like to talk about. eating disorders, psychiatric disorders, marital problems(ok, well some of us like to talk about those), issues with our in laws or siblings, lice and mice.

well, my name is banji and i have mice, well, a mouse, or two. son #1 thought he saw one when i was in maryland, so husband #1 bought some "have a heart" mouse traps. I noticed some, yuck, mouse poop on shabbos, we set the traps. we called the exterminator...he came today and i said "well, we set the traps, but didn't catch anything..." and then mike the exterminator looked in the traps and said "did you put anything in these traps?" oh my god...the mice ate the cheese and the traps didn't work. Husband #1 bought crappy traps...they must have been on now, not only do we know that mickey is living in the house, he is well fed!!!!!!!!!!!!! we totally suck!!!

so mike located the source of mickey, and possibly minnie(who, according to google has a gestational period of 18-21 days...yuck, yuck and double yuck) set some traps and is coming back tomorrow morning. "what time works for you?" he asked "ANYTIME YOU WANT TO COME I WILL BE HERE!!!!!".....i certainly hope that will be the end of mickey and minnie because if i have one more mouse nightmare...yuck yuck yuck

hope this won't deter anyone from marrying my sons.....(because apparently i will be enough of a deterrant....)

happy monday


  1. Download a picture of the Mouse Rebbe. No kidding. It worked for us.