Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday may 27,2011

Here comes the sun....

Memorial day weekend. The start of summer. Got my bikini ready, husband #1 just bought a new speedo and we are ready to take our act to the jersey shore. Some woman on the news just said that she lives in new jersey because of the beautiful, I've never been to the beautiful beaches. I thought I lived in new jersey because there are so many synagogues-who knew? I'm wondering if I should put the jersey shore on the list of places I need to visit when the kids go to camp....or, I could just go to my favorite neighbor's swimming pool(kissing ass here) and pretend I'm at the shore. That sounds much annoying kids building sandcastles and no lifeguards mistaking me for a whale and calling everyone out of the water. I'm going with that option(if my favorite neighbor let's me, of course)

Here's wishing all of you a great memorial day weekend and may the beginning of bathing suit season only bring you joy and greater self esteem.

Happy friday

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