Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday June 1,2011 happy birthday Jed Andrew latkin

Another first at forty

Since I have turned 40, I have had the privelage to experience many different firsts...the first time I realized that there were so many grays on my head that pulling them out with a tweezers would only make me bald, the first time I said "man, it's really hot in here" and everyone else in the room was freezing, the first time I had an "I'm 40" mammography, the first time I realized it was easier to read without my glasses, and then there was what happened today. My friend and I, for the first time, and I'm sorry that we didn't invite more people to come because laughter IS the best medicine....we did AQUASIZE. In a pool. With other people watching.

Let me begin by saying that my friend is much younger than I am. And when I say much, she still has a 3 as the first digit. Between the two of us, the average age in the pool came down about 40 years...When we get to the class, the lifeguard with the two hearing aids speeds over to us with his walker a-blazing and says "ladies, you are going to need to wear some sort of plastic over your heads because your hair is too long." wait, there is a pool full of 85 year old women with possible bladder control problems and I need to put a bag over my head? Yes, we did. My friend and I put these adorable and fashionable little white plastic garbage bags over our heads....and the fun began.

Aside from feeling like we were on the set of was quite humorous. Now I am fully aware that if god grants me the ability to live to an old age, I am going to be one cranky bitch-but, I hope I will be able to have a lovely pink hairdo and green eye shadow, with matching earrings, and be able to get my fat tushy into an aqua size class-because these women were having a ball. And I think the two men were also enjoying themselves.

As for my friend and I...well, we were just happy that we didn't see anyone we knew.....

Happy wednesday

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