Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday may9, 2011

The day after

My mothers day sucked. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be grateful that I am a mother..that I have a mother...that I don't have cancer..blah blah blah. It sucked. No two ways around it. It was probably my second all time worst mothers day ever. The first one I can't go into in case any members of husband #1's family reads this.. that one was pretty bad. But we are discussing this one for now.

When did husband #1 think it was ok to take the kids to buy me a mothers day present from kohls the night before mothers day?!?! Have I not been cleaning his dirty laundry well enough? Have I not had an ample supply of coffee cakes and orange soda? When did jewelry from kohls become ok? It is not ok. I do not have a mullet, I do not wear a tank top without a bra and cut off jean shorts (for more reasons than one) i do not have multiple piercings and I have not been recently paroled for manslaughter(though, it's been tempting)....

At baseball yesterday, I told some moms about the 18 karat gold over silver, mother of pearl heart that says MOM on it that husband #1 let the kids get for me. "oh...that's so sweet banji, I think you are over reacting.." umm...they gave me the gift and said "we know you don't like hearts but...."

No no no...I don't like hearts but nothing. If their father had a matching tattoo that said "mom" in a heart (which, I'm sure if he could have, he would have one....) it would be one thing....if their father had a thing for cans of beer and watching football half naked with his hands down his pants(he does wear a shirt) it would be ok for him to think it was ok to buy me jewelry from kohls!!!!!!!!!!! No, I am NOT over reacting.

Boys come know me...I'm the best mom in the world-remember? I sit in a minivan with you, for hours at a time, without peeing, so we can go to batting practice, get autographs, sit in the rain and catch pneumonia in baseball stadiums across the country-have you forgotten that?!?!?!?!? At least if the heart read "best mom".....have I taught you nothing??? I would have been happier with a prescription for lithium or Xanax...but kohls jewelry??? Where oh where did I go wrong......

Happy freakin monday

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  1. oh, i've had a few mother's days like this...some will be awesome and some will really suck. it all averages out in the end, i guess. and look for the moments of naches on non-mother's days to make up for it - it's your only hope. trust me, i'm in the same boat!