Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday may 22,2011

80's in HD

As some of you know, I'm a huge fan of the 80's. The music, the eyebrows, the shoulder love love that era(oh god, I'm so old I'm recalling an era...) anyway, last night a bunch of us were shown the movie Dirty Dancing. Apparently, the first time I "saw" this movie, I didn't really see it because I was too busy doing something else during the movie that I can't go into, but the next 50 times I watched it, I really fell in love with. I'm a big Jerry orbach fan, lord rest his soul, and the whole thing just puts a smile on my face.

The movie was being shown in high definition. This put a whole new spin on it.."wow, look how bad her skin is"....."look how much makeup he is wearing"....HD, though great for watching hot hockey players, was not so great for watching an 80's was like our perceptions of what all of these actors looked like was being shattered. I began thinking about what if we put all of our past life experiences in high definition...would those memories be as great as we thought?(oh my, this is not going in the direction i thought it would...)

At my cuties 3 year old birthday party I was thinking remember how easy life was when we were little? When the biggest decision we had to make was which sesame street character we wanted on our juice box? When did it all go so horrible wrong? (ok, now I am just being dramatic). I need to keep my memories of the 80's just as they are..watching 16 candles with my friend Annie till we knew the whole movie by heart, memorizing every word of every police song, sneaking into the movie theatre on route 4 which is now being turned into a gym...and watching dirty dancing without HD....somethings are better left just the way you remember them.

Happy Sunday

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