Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday may 5,2011

Wishes for mothers day

Let me tell you, it's been a tough week( get the tissues ready...) Monday, my last day at the gym, included my last free personal training session. This was good because I was taught various exercises to do at home, this was bad because, up until today, I haven't been able to sit on the toilet without my eyes rolling back in my head(wait, why is exercise good for you? I think it's a conspiracy with the makers of advil, but that's for another blog) on Tuesday, my world came crashing boyfriend was arrested for a DUI. The dumb schmuck. What was he thinking? I had to break up with him and now I'm boycotting his concert in englewood because I can tolerate the groupies..the affairs...but drinking and driving is just plain unacceptable(drinking and not driving is another story...)

And now mothers day is rapidly approaching. Thanks to my ability to reference my old blogs, I was able to discover that I forgot to buy my mom a card last year...and apparently that set the tone for a whole year of my not being her favorite child(just kidding, I was never her favorite child..) so it's on my to do list. As for me, being a mom is gift enough(just kidding, nothing says "mom, I love you" like a hearty handshake and a peck on the cheek).

I have decided that this mothers day, I want my boys to switch places with me. I will be them and they will be me(thought I would further explain that concept). On mothers day, I am going to leave my crap all over the floor-clothes, underwear, loose papers, toothpaste and pee. As me, they will pick up and clean up said mess, with a big smile on their faces..(see where this is going?) I will ask for food, drink, batteries, pencils, new socks, rides to the mall(because I broke my iPad and I have to go to the apple store), rides to school because I left my homework/hockey helmet/tefillin there....
And they, as me, will do whatever I ask.....and are not allowed to curse, yell or scream at me(do as I say, not as I role models get any better than me? ). It should be an interesting day...don't you think?

As for husband #1's place in all of this? My mothers day gift to him is that he can spend the whole day with his mother....

Happy mothers day to all the moms out there....I will be at fish of the c's with my mom enjoying a tuna melt and onion rings...and then I will be walking her back to fair lawn to burn off the calories....

Happy thursday

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