Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday may 13,2011

A letter to my precious little one....

Dear son #3:

You are very special to me and now that you are 45 years old and still living in our basement I want to apologize. On may 13, 2011, when you left to go to the island of long(Aka land of the skinny mini and pancake hat) to visit with your adorable friends, I went to kohls and returned the mother of pearl mom heart. Don't worry, when the saleslady saw I was returning it, I got a dirty look, one that said "you are a terrible mother....are you really returning this precious gift of 18 karat gold over sterling silver that was 66 % off with your kohls charge?"

Yes, I am. I have a feeling that you found out about it and that is why you are still living in the basement, but I wanted to formally confess. And I apologize,again, but even though I love shopping at kmart(sorry mom, I know you raised me at saks, but things change when you marry monsey) I couldn't keep the heart. Perhaps it's like the wise dr. Phil said, I'm addicted to acceptance and unless the heart had read "#1 mom" or "best mom in the world"....the generic "mom" didn't give me the positive feedback that I eternally crave as a deprived middle child....

I love you son, more than words can say, but get the hell out of my basement...the free ride is over.

Happy friday