Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday may 11,2011

Love that oprah....

Poor son #3 was running a fever and had a cold since Friday. He missed Monday and Tuesday of school...which meant that when he didn't have fever on Tuesday, I selfishly crossed my fingers that the fever wouldn't come back so he could go back to school today. When I was rushing him to the bus this morning he said "mom, how long are you going to walk today?" well, kid, since I missed two days of walking/head clearing...I might just walk the whole day. Truth is, I was so happy to see the spark back in his eyes this morning, I almost forgot he made me wear the mother of pearl mom heart he picked out for me......(oh, and son #2 wanted me to clarify to my readers that he had NOTHING to do with the gift gone awry...he wasn't even there...ah..gotta love the middle child.)

Anyway..I have been dvr-ing oprahs last season and yesterday's show was her last weight loss episode. It was moving and inspiring..but while watching it, I was eating a bowl of wacky Mac with parmesan cheese on it. This is bad on so many levels-the most important being that wacky Mac is made with cheese and I voluntarily added more cheese. It is also bad because 100 people in the audience had lost 100 pounds or more and clearly I was moving in the wrong direction and if Bob, oprah's fitness guru could see what I was doing, the botox would've run right out of the man's forehead....that would've been ashame...

I have said before that sometimes it makes me happy that oprah struggles with her weight because she is almost as powerful as god and if she can't get it under control, is there hope for me? For any of us? Do you think god as flabby arms too? But if she does, she is god and knows the secret to hiding them....

In any event..I'm just glad that I don't have to watch anymore phineas and Ferb with my kid today.....and am grateful he is feeling better.

Happy wednesday

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