Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday December 2,2010

The season of giving.....but giving what???

I grew up in a home where we got a Chanukah present for every night of the holiday. My brother and I learned how to unwrap and rewrap gifts so my parents wouldn't know we had invaded the pile. Some gifts were good, some....not so good. But this was back in the day before every cool gift started with an "I"..... We were even excited with board games back in the 70's. A much simpler time. Husband #1 was not brought up the same way and gift giving was not a priority...something that continues to this day. But that is ok, because I am perfectly happy buying my own gifts.

As for my the past I have attempted the "one gift a night" tradition from my family. Sometimes, this has back fired "are you kidding me??? Pajama pants??? I am never wearing those ever,,,". I can imagine his reaction if I had gotten him the Barbie win some and you lose some. This year, I am losing, especially with son #3. apparently, his friends are all getting gifts every night. When he tells me what they have gotten, I have to say " but you have that already... " clearly not the point he is trying to make. When i say " but we took you on a cruise..". That doesn't help. "there are kids everywhere who don't get anything and didn't go on a cruise" ...also doesn't help.

And then, crazy psycho mom emerges..."YOU ARE THE MOST SPOILED BRATTY KID IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!".

Much better. Hope your holiday season is filled with miracles....

Happy thursday

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  1. Banji! This sentiment transcends all religions, ages, races and borders! Once you're a mom there is always that possibility. Crazy, psycho mom emerged last night @ my house & my *baby* is going to be 22. ( Encouraging, isn't it).