Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday December 8, 2010

I have figured it out...

So I have been going to THE GYM for almost five months now. When I first started, I got the same sick feeling in my stomach that I get when I go to the dentist...but I would take a deep breath and walk in with my head held high. Any weight that I have lost while going to THE GYM, has not been because I go there, it has been because no matter how long you spin for, if you come home and eat a box of wacky Mac(cooked of course, that stuff is nasty raw) you aren't going to lose I have been spinning and refraining from any and all wacky mac (a new years resolution that I have actually stuck to...oh, not January 1, 2010 new year, the Jewish new year..which was only in september, but three months is still quite impressive..,)

Anyway, my big complaint about THE GYM, aside from the fact that most people there could get knocked down by a slight breeze and I feel like gulliver when I am there, is that the staff is not so friendly. My friends insist that it is all in my head, but I know when people are ignoring me...I have had years of experience being ignored..totally know what that feels like...but, I have had an epiphany as to why no one is friendly.

Tough love. If no one is friendly to me, the fat one, but they are friendly to the skinny ones, I will be motivated to stop eating, become one dimensional and gain their respect and friendship. I totally get it now. And my answer to them is...kiss my white fluffy ass....when you belong to other gyms, they say hello when you walk in and have a nice day when you leave. It doesn't matter if you are 400 pounds or 40 pounds...sometimes, they don't even look up when they say it-but they still say it.

I will finish up my free last six weeks ( thx again to my friend who gave me the six months...I really do love the spinning there) and I will find a friendly gym, where the fat folks and the skinny folks can feel free to be themselves and co-mingle....where no one feels judged and everyone is smiling and happy....ahh-a girl can dream....

Happy wednesday

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