Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday December 27,2010

Love and snow

On this snowy, cold day we are all bundled up inside with our loved ones. Our spouses have made warm toasty fires in the fire place..our children are making arts and crafts projects and helping bake cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows....

Remember English class when you would be given a sentence with lots of mistakes and you had to correct it?? Well, let's take a look at the above sentence and see how we can make it right....

On this freaking freezing and windy day when we are stuck inside with our loved ones who couldn't go to school because it was closed and who didn't go to work because he thought it would score some points with his wife..

.our spouses did not make a fire because we have already lost one house on this block to an explosion and we really don't want to lose another one (aside from the fact that we have no idea how to make a fire....and the house wouldn't be so freaking freezing if we would leave the heat on a little higher....)

Our children are playing xbox and yelling at each other that with all of the computers on the wireless connection isn't strong enough and no one wants to go outside because who wants to get even colder than they are inside....bake cookies?? Are you nuts? Mom just told us she ate all of her points for the day by 10 am which means she will be really really cranky in another twenty minutes or so and if we make hot
chocolate and leave the mugs all over the kitchen counter she will start yelling at us about how ungrateful we are and then she will start drinking right out of the vodka bottle again and we will have to do another intervention and send her back to rehab, but son #2's bar mitzvah
is in less than two weeks and if she isn't there, people will ask questions.....

Happy Monday...

(on a side note...everyone is getting along..I haven't been drinking and husband #1 is spending quality time with his boys....for now...)

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