Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday November 28,2010

Row row row your boat.....

So in the end, despite the original protest by some of my ungrateful children(we can't call them spoiled because they love traveling in a minivan and staying in crappy hotels)the banji birthday cruise was a success. Son #1 ate his weight in soft serve ice cream, son #2 didn't throw son #3 overboard, husband #1 got to relax and I got to sit in the sun and read two and a half books and not gain any weight(though if I had been able to take a stab at some of those buffets, that would not have happened...)

But more importantly, we had some real quality family bonding time that didn't involve any batting practices, extra innings or rain delays. The ship had a variety of shows ranging from "band on the run", which we renamed "bad on the run", to some real funny comedians to some cirque desoleil stuff. The cirque stuff had one woman in particular who we will call "bendy Barbie."

As I watched my boys watch this woman, a woman with no body fat, but perfect boobs, who was able to take her leg and put it over her shoulder...I wondered what was going through their minds. Luckily, son #3 let me know exactly what he was thinking when he covered his eyes and said "oh can see her underwear..". Kid, I don't think she is wearing any underwear- that looks like a full body stocking with tactfully placed sequins.....just a tad inappropriate for a cruise that had 850 kids on board.

Truthfully, I was more concerned that my boys would think all womens bodies bend like that....but then i remembered that I am their only female role model(heaven help them) and all they see me doing is bending down and picking up hopefully they will have realistic expectations of what women are capable of.....

Happy Sunday

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