Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday December 20,2010

I really am forty.....

There are many indications that one is getting old. Gray hair (check), forgetfulness(check), inability to read something while wearing your glasses(check), and your first visit to the podiatrist(check). Yes, I know there are other indicators, but, I would like to discuss my visit to the podiatrist...(oh and repeating things is another indicator..check)

Some of you know that I walk...a lot. I walk because then I can eat more, and I eat because I know I can walk(vicious cycle and the reason why I will never be skinny...what can you do...) a few days ago, in addition to my usual aches and pains, I felt something was terribly amiss with my left much so, that I stopped walking and googled a variety of worst-case-scenarios on web md....long story short, made an appointment at the podiatrist.

When husband#1 said he was going to come with me, I got a little nervous because I thought I might actually have one of the worst-case-scenarios and no one was telling me. But, apparently, he was being a doting spouse..two words I have just put together for the first time!!(sorry, I'll be nice..thanks for coming with me husband #1...I won't get you another snuggie for your birthday this year...)

Back to the podiatrist...turns out, it's a neuroma-which when you look up it's original meaning translates to "you're getting old and it sucks for you, baby!!" ya...the nice podiatrist-man glued something to my foot and told me to call him in a week. He said I can try walking again tomorrow...hopefully, I will be healed for the chai lifeline half marathon, which is in six weeks, otherwise, husband #1 will be wearing my customized shirt which reads "fatmom...."

Here's to hoping we all age gracefully and in good health....

Happy monday

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